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17th / 21st Lancers

AB14/7 17th/21st Lancers
Top: Officer's buttonc1870 (17th); officer's sabretache 1822-30 (17th); all ranks arm badge (17th/21st); officer's sabretache 1864-97 (21st); cap plate 1760 (21st).
Centre: Officer's shabraque 1880s (17th); officer's shabraque c1902 (21st)
Bottom: Officer's lance cap, 1856 (17th); Paget Cavalry carbine c1808; light cavalry trooper's sword 1796; officer's lance cap c1902 (21st)
From a watercolour painting by Alix Baker.
Code: PC-AB-14SET ~ Price: 3.50
Available only in the set of 7 postcards
Size: 100mm x 150mm

Published by Alix Baker 1991

ERRATUM: For Officer's shabraque(21st)
read Kettle-drummer's shabraque (21st)

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