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Martial Arts Master 1993 Montage Telephone


Code No Title Price
Martial Arts Master
(Series 1, Set of 9)
GBP-CP651 Image Martial Arts Master 1993 0.50
GBP-CP652 Image Montage 0.50
GBP-CP653 Image Telephone 0.50
GBP-CP654 Image Motion 0.50
GBP-CP655 Image Boxing 0.50
GBP-CP656 Image Sun 0.50
GBP-CP657 Image Red Tint 0.50
GBP-CP658 Image Green Hornet 0.50
GBP-CP659 Image Bruce and Chuck 0.50
GBP-CP651/659 Image Set of 9 postcards as listed above 4.50
Martial Arts Master 1993
(Series 2, set of 4)
GBP-CP660 Image Master #1 0.50
GBP-CP661 Image Master #2 0.50
GBP-CP662 Image Master #3 0.50
GBP-CP664 Image Master #4 0.50
GBP-CP660/664 Image Set of 4 postcards as listed above 2.00

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