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Bear & Cubs Bear Family Bears on Iceberg

The following postcards are ex a dealer's display stock and do not meet our quality standards. We are therefore selling them at 40p each instead of 50p each. The faults comprise knocked corners or surface scratches where they have been placed in a display spinner. Most of the postcards are acceptable and we are therefore selling them at the reduced price to save ourselves time in grading and sorting. Please bear in mind that these postcards were produced in 2000 and we are selling them 'as is' and we are not prepared to refund any purchases on the quality of the postcards.

Code No Description  Price £
Series 1
LPC-CC-5201 Image Bears Fishing 0.40
LPC-CC-5202 Image Sunglasses 0.40
LPC-CC-5203 Image Spotlight 0.40
LPC-CC-5204 Image Bear Face 0.40
LPC-CC-5205 Image Red Scarf 0.40
LPC-CC-5206 Image Bear on Disc 0.40
LPC-CC-5207 Image Bear Family 0.40
LPC-CC-5208 Image Bear & Cubs 0.40
LPC-CC-5209 Image Bears on Iceberg 0.40

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All items are subject unsold and first come first served.


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