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Get Knotted Dennis Pop Art #1 Surf's Up


Code No Description Price
Series 1 set of 9
LPC-DCT-3251 Image Do you think You're Tough Enough?
LPC-DCT-3252 Image Anyone For Dennis
LPC-DCT-3253 Image Mountain bike Menace
LPC-DCT-3254 Image You Talking To Me?
LPC-DCT-3255 Image Here Comes Trouble
LPC-DCT-3256 Image Splat A Softy Today
LPC-DCT-3257 Image Get Knotted
LPC-DCT-3258 Image Menaces...5 Softies...0
LPC-DCT-3259 Image Prepare To Smell
LPC-DENNIS1-SET Image Complete set of 9 postcards as listed above 4.50
LPC-DCT15001 Image Pack of Series 1 ~ SOLD OUT 4.95
Series 2 set of 9
LPC-DCT-3260 Image Bursting With Trouble
LPC-DCT-3261 Image Surf's Up
LPC-DCT-3262 Image Sorry!
LPC-DCT-3263 Image Look Out
LPC-DCT-3264 Image Beano Bursting Out
LPC-DCT-3265 Image Dennis Pop Art #1
LPC-DCT-3266 Image Dennis Pop Art #2
LPC-DCT-3267 Image Gnasher Pop Art #1
LPC-DCT-3268 Image Gnasher Pop Art #2
LPC-DENNIS2-SET Image Complete set of 9 postcards as listed above 4.50
LPC-DCT15002 Image Pack of Series 2 ~ SOLD OUT 4.95

Licensed to the manufacturer by D. C. Thompson & Co., Ltd.
"The Beano", "Dennis the Menace" and "Gnasher" are Trade Marks of D. C. Thompson & Co., Ltd. D. C. Thompson & Co., Ltd., 1999


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