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printed and published by Noel Tatt Ltd

Horsas carrying men of the 6th Airborne Division

D-Day Landings

Major airborne D-Day landings comprising 68 Horsas carrying men of the 6th Airborne Division. During the operations in the area of the River Orne, Merville, later that day a further 297 Horsas together with 6 Hamilcars plus 7,500 men won the battle and paved the way for the advance into Normandy.

Huge poles were erected by the Germans in the fields near this area and in other likely landing areas, but it did not deter the glider pilots, they just landed and swerved in between them!

A reproduction of the original painting by Gordon Davies.

Code: PC-TATT-02SET ~ Price: 7.50
Available only in the set of 6 cards
Size: 200mm x 100mm

Printed and Published by Noel Tatt Ltd., Lyminge, Kent

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