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A Guide to the Quality of our cards and Abbreviations used.

All cards described are assigned a letter as a guide to the quality of the card.

A+ Pristine, perfect, as new.
A As above but may have been stored in an album at some point.
A- Excellent with one or two minor faults if you look hard enough.
B+ Well above the average quality of cards seen in the U.K.
B One or two blunt corners otherwise good.
B- Two to three blunt corners with the odd fault, blemish or mark.
C+ Minor creasing that does not really show through to the surface.
C Creased but acceptable considering the age of the card.
C- Heavily creased with some damage to the back of the card.
D+ Damaged card, especially the back of the card.
D Damaged but possibly of use as a spacefiller
D- Heavily damaged, not worth listing.

The following abbreviations are used throughout the postcard listings and descriptions:-

B&W Black and white printed.
c. Circa - approximate date of publication.
Chromo Chromo-litho.
Col Colour printed.
d/b Divided back.
h/c Hand coloured.
h/t Hand tinted.
h/w Hand written
Oil facsimile or Oilchrome
obv. Obverse or picture side.
p.u. Postally used
QSL QSL or Ham radio cards.
RP Real Photographic.
repro Reproduction or modern reprint.
rev. Reverse or back of card.
Trade Mark
u/b Undivided back.
used Postally used.
vignette A design that does not occupy all the card, leaving space for messages.


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