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The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards

No. 5 The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards
Formed in 1791 by the amalgamation of the 3rd Carabineers and The Royal Scots Greys.
Lieutenant: Service Dress (Ceremonial ).
Trumpeter: Full Dress (Dismounted).
Edinburgh Castle.
From a watercolour painting by Douglas N. Anderson.

The Royal Scots Dragon Guards are Scotland’s only regular cavalry regiment. They were formed in 1971 by the amalgamation of the Royal Scots Greys and the 3rd Carabiniers. The latter had themselves been the product of the amalgamation of the 3rd Dragoon Guards and the Carabiniers (6th Dragoon Guards) in 1922
The Ceremonial Service Dress worn by the Lieutenant has a dark blue forage cap with a striking van dyke band. This unique feature of the Greys undress headdress has been retained in yellow rather than the original white. A Carabiniers’ custom is perpetuated in the gold wire band worn around the peak by all officers. The khaki tunic is cut to the standard Royal Armoured Corps pattern and the trousers in the cavalry fashion have turn ups. Another unique feature of this No. 2 Dress is the cross belt and pouch worn by all ranks. In the absence of a Sam Browne and frog, the sword is carried slung from a webbing belt worn around the tunic.
The bearskin of the Scots Greys has been retained. The Extravagant feather plume is crimson for bandsmen. The Trumpeter is wearing the traditional Heavy Dragoon pattern pre 1914 tunic. In contradiction to the ‘Royal’ title the facing perpetuate the yellow of the 3rd Dragoon Guards. The sword slings are kept clipped together when the sword is not carried. The brass trumpet has a blue silk embroidered banner displaying on the front the Royal Arms of Scotland with two unicorn supporters.
Edinburgh Castle, shown in the background, houses the Headquarters and Regimental Museum.
Published 1985.

Copyright © 1995 Published by Geoff White Ltd.

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