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The Green Howards

No. 35. The Green Howards
Provost Sergeant:
Barrack Dress (Shirt Sleeve Order).
Full Dress.
The Brandenburg Gate, West Berlin.
From a watercolour painting by Douglas N. Anderson.

Postcard No. 35 THE GREEN HOWARDS (Alexandra, Princess of Wales' Own Yorkshire Regiment)
The Green Howards is one of the few remaining British Infantry regiments having a continuous lineage unbroken by amalgamation since the day of its formation in November 1688. The unusual name originated in 1745 from the colour of the uniform facings and the name of the Colonel. They are the only regiment to be known officially by a nickname. The patronage of the Danish born Alexandra, Princess of Wales was marked in 1875 by the addition of the Royal designation.
The Provost Sergeant wears Shirt Sleeve Order Barrack Dress. The headdress for the appointment is unusual for this rank being a khaki forage cap with flattened peak. The shirt is worn open-necked with sleeves rolled up. The Regimental Police brassard is in the grass green regimental facing colour. Barrack Dress olive trousers are worn with a white belt. Boots are worn. The regimental pattern cane is of light Malacca with silver thimble top engraved with the Regimental Badge.
The Captain wears Full Dress which although held in abeyance from 1914 is still available in certain circumstance. The blue cloth home service helmet has gilt rosettes, spike and curb chain. The scarlet tunic has grass green facings. The dark blue overalls have a " scarlet welt on each side seam and are worn strapped over parade Wellingtons. The sword is the 1897 infantry officers pattern in a steel scabbard and with a gold sword knot.
In the background is seen the Brandenburg Gate from West Berlin. The Regiment has been stationed in this City on two occasions
Published 1985

Copyright 1995 Published by Geoff White Ltd.

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