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Royal Corps of Transport

No. 65. Royal Corps of Transport
Band Sergeant
: No. 1 Dress.
Lance Corporal: Air Despatch, Flying Dress.
Background: Church of St. Michael and St. George, Aldershot.
From a watercolour painting by Douglas N. Anderson.

In 1794 the first military transport organisation, the Corps of Waggoners, was raised. The supply and transport services were regularised and finally brought together in the Army Service Corps in 1888. The prefix of Royal was granted in 1918. In 1965 the Army's transport requirement were rationalised and the reshaped Corps was redesignated the Royal Corps of Transport (RCT).
The shako introduced in 1974 for the RCT Band was unique in the British Army. It was dark blue with a black embroidered leaf band, gold cords and a white-over-red wool ball tuft. The tunic was dark blue on which a gold lace belt with red central light and gold aiguillettes were worn. Nether garments were strapped overalls with a double white stripe worn over George boots fitted with steel spurs. Gloves were white.
Units of the RCT, working in conjunction with the RAF, provided crews trained in aerial supply. The Lance Corporal illustrated was a Despatch Crew Commander. His helmet was fitted with a sun visor. The flameproof  'nomex' flying suit was worn over a polo-necked crew vest. The embroidered Air Despatcher qualification badge was worn on the left shoulder. The blue patch with gold Dakota presented to qualified air despatchers was also worn. A sharp knife was carried on the left leg.
In the background the Church of St Michael and St George in Aldershot, consecrated in 1893 by Queen Victoria, contains memorials of the predecessors of the Royal Corps of Transport dating from 1882. The RCT was one of the Forming Corps on the creation of The Royal Logistic Corps in 1993.
Published 1987

Copyright 1987 Published by Geoff White Ltd.

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