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Royal Army Ordnance Corps

No. 67. Royal Army Ordnance Corps
Drum Major:
Full Dress.
Bomb Disposal Operator: Protective Clothing.
Background: Officer's Mess, School of Ordnance.
From a watercolour painting by Douglas N. Anderson.

Before the formation of the standing army in 1660, the only continuous defensive precaution taken by the state was the maintenance by the Board of Ordnance of weapons and ammunition. From 1660 to 1865 the Board continued supplying both the Royal Navy and the Army. A military Store Staff Corps of soldiers was formed in 1865. Their successors, amalgamated and were granted Royal status in 1918.
The Drum Major's uniform consists of a blue home service helmet with gilding metal fittings and helmet plate. His blue tunic has scarlet facings. Gold Aiguillettes are worn. The sword is worn hooked up leaving the hands free to manipulate the staff. The shoulder belt (often called a sash) is of scarlet cloth, edged gold with a gold fringe. It is embellished with Crown, Cypher, title scrolls, Corps badge and miniature drum sticks. The staff has silver fittings.
The Bomb Disposal operator shown is the number 1 of a 2 man team. He is wearing the special clothing which is designed to protect him from the flame and fragments of an exploding bomb. He is carrying a 'Pigstick' bomb disposal injector which he can fire remotely to disrupt a terrorist bomb as the first step in rendering it safe. A remote video 'Jack-in-the-box' camera is slung over his shoulder which enables him to watch the render safe procedure at a discreet distance.
The 'Wheelbarrow' remote controlled tracked bomb disposal vehicle is shown to the rear. In the far background is the Officers Mess of the School of Ordnance.
Published 1987

Copyright 1987 Published by Geoff White Ltd.

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